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why do we charge for social games?

To sustain our efforts and maintain the quality of our equipment, we charge a small fee. This fee directly supports the costs of nets, balls, and rackets, ensuring you have the best gear to enjoy the game you love.

By contributing, you’re not just participating; you’re investing in the growth of beach tennis in our community. Your support allows us to organize events, improve facilities, and create a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere for everyone. Together, we can keep the beach tennis spirit alive and thriving.

Thank you for understanding and being a vital part of our beach tennis family.

Walk in pass – $18

Social Game attendance, stay as long as you like. 

Weekly subscription – $19

Unlimited social games, billed weekly for a year – minimum commitment 3 months ($180).

Monthly subscription – $48

Unlimited social games, billed in monthly installments for a year – minimum 6 months ($210).


Unlimited social games for a year, billed once.


You have the flexibility to choose between private or group classes, with options ranging from one lesson per week to three lessons per week. Whether you prefer personalized attention or thrive in a collaborative environment, we’ve got the perfect setting to enhance your skills.