our Mission.

Our mission is to develop the sport in Queensland

Beach Tennis Gold Coast (BTGC) is a not-for-profit association affiliated with Tennis Queensland and Tennis Australia, dedicated to promoting and developing the sport of beach tennis on the Gold Coast, QLD.

We run social games and lessons weekly, for both inexperienced and experienced players, in addition to organizing international tournaments that count points towards the ITF ranking, social and community events.

What we value most:

  • Social Connections
  • Inclusivity
  • Active lifestyle
  • Continual growth
  • Sustainability


Beach Tennis is an incredible way to meet new people from different countries and cultures and form personal connections.

active lifestyle 

Practicing beach tennis is very beneficial for both physical and mental health. BTGC Association hosts around 150 social game days per year, giving our community the opportunity to have a healthier lifestyle.


For us, it is impossible to separate practicing a sport on the beach from sustainability. Supported by Tomra Recycling Centre, BTGC Association runs several recycling and sustainability awareness initiatives.


Growing the sport


Over the years, BTGC has specialized in organizing and delivering Beach Tennis tournaments for all ages and levels, with categories from beginners to Pro and a unique experience in Australia.

BTGC is responsible for organizing and hosting the largest Beach Tennis tournaments ever held in Oceania. 

With more than 500 players across our last tournaments, 5000 attendees and major prize money, our tournaments have positioned themselves as the best beach tennis experience in Australia. In addition, the Capta Financial Open 2023 was the first tournament on the Gold Coast to offer points towards the ITF ranking.


With the support of partners such as Capta Financial, Tomra Recycling Centre, Quicksand, among others, our objective is to hold increasingly larger tournaments, uniting our community with a single objective: to celebrate the practice of Beach Tennis and its health benefits.